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Glee vs. Freaks and Geeks…with booze.

The winner of  Teen Drama Dropout‘s 2nd matchup: Glee vs. Freaks and Geeks was decided this week, so naturally that means it’s time for more themed cocktails. Last week, I went classy with both The Roswell and The One Tree Hill. Sure, I could have gone with Everclear and Mountain Dew and gotten that same alien-slime green color for The Roswell. But I didn’t. I went with Green Chartreuse because, well, Everclear is disgusting. This week’s cocktail matchup was decidedly more lowbrow.

In the TV matchup, Glee never stood a chance against fan favorite Freaks and Geeks. Mine was the lone dissenting voice advocating for Glee. For the second week in a row, however, the underdog show has the favored cocktail. It’s probably not hard to see why.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Glee  follows the trials and tribulations of a high school show choir as they navigate their awkward teenage years by spontaneously bursting into song and dance. Glee kids being the lowest of the low in the social hierarchy means they get doused with slushies pretty much every day by the jocks and cheerleaders, so naturally the theme cocktail is slushie-based. It is also an homage to my own youth. One year in college, my best friend and I moved into an apartment across the street from a 7-11. Not only was it terrible amazing because it gave us 24-hour access to junk food, but it lead to the creation of our then-favorite alcoholic beverage, the “Ghetto Daiquiri.” Basically we’d walk over to the 7-11, buy a Big Gulp sized Slurpee, add vodka or rum or whatever we happened to have around, and drink it through a straw. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve made it more refined. Sort of.

The Gleek:

1 cherry Slurpee (or other preferred slushie brand and flavor)

2 oz vodka

1 chilled martini glass (or other fancy glass of your choice)

Pour vodka into a chilled glass. Top with slushie. Stir.

Slushie Cocktail

Don’t dump these on any Glee kids unless they’re over 21.


Freaks and Geeks follows the decidedly non-singing/dancing lives of the Freaks (stoners who hang out under the bleachers) and the Geeks (nerdy freshman boys who still have Star Wars sheets). This cocktail (if you can call it that) is a reference to my favorite episode, where the Geeks swap out a keg of real beer for a keg of fake beer at a party, and everyone gets fake drunk. This drink doesn’t actually taste good, but it might help you win all the games of quarters.

The Freaky Geek:

12 oz non-alcoholic beer

1 chilled pint glass (wide-mouthed mason jar preferred)

Pour non-alcoholic beer into chilled glass. Ditch the bottle immediately so nobody knows it’s fake beer.

Non-alcoholic Beer

When poured into a frosty glass, it almost looks like a legitimate beverage. Almost.

The Verdict: The alcoholic slushie won unanimously. It wasn’t really a fair fight, but then again, neither is life. Tune in next week when the Texas football players of Friday Night Lights take on the orphans in Party of Five in cocktail form. Cheers!


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More TV Themed Cocktails!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post. What can I say, I’ve been busy! I’ve been performing in a 1920s-themed show called The Speakeasy, which has spurred some experimentation with prohibition-era cocktails. Look for a couple of posts on them at a later date. In the meantime, however, this is what’s been taking up most of my time. You will recall from my previous post about cocktails based on the characters of Pretty Little Liars that I’m a little obsessed with teen dramas. So are a bunch of my friends. Said friends are all highly educated and very articulate, which makes our conversations about TV shows more like intellectual, pop-culture philosophy debate than trashy indulgence. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

In any case, for quite awhile we’ve been talking about doing a blog together that pits the various iconic teen drama TV shows against one another in a March Madness bracket style elimination challenge, and it has finally come to fruition. Vital questions shall be answered such as: Which petite blonde girl is more of a badass, Buffy or Veronica Mars? Who has the best use of the supernatural as a metaphor for teenaged angst,  Smallville or Roswell? You know, the pressing topics of the day.

Since my thing is cocktails, I decided to to a tandem post for every matchup where I create a themed cocktail for each show in a given matchup and pit them against each other in a taste test. Our first matchup pitted southern, basketball-themed One Tree Hill against southwestern, alien-themed Roswell. You can read all about it here. Roswell won by a unanimous vote. Ironically, however, when it came to cocktails, the One Tree Hill was the unanimous favorite over the Roswell. Go figure. Here are the recipes I used:

The Roswell:

1/2oz midori

1/2 oz Canton ginger liquer

1 oz green chartreuse

squeeze of lemon juice

ginger beer or ginger ale

Mix all the ingredients except the ginger beer  in a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain over ice. Top off with ginger beer (or ale)

The verdict: I think I like this better than anyone, but then again I love green chartreuse which is too herbal/flowery tasting for many people’s tastes. Most of my taste-testers liked it, but said they wouldn’t be able to drink more than one in a night. More lemon and using gingerale instead of ginger beer (which I used) will give it a milder flavor. You can also omit the Midori for something less sweet, but it won’t have quite as green a color (necessary for alien-themed cocktails).


Guess which one is the Roswell?

Guess which one is the Roswell?


The One Tree Hill:

2 oz sweet tea vodka (Firefly is best, but Segram’s is a decent, cheaper alternative)

juice of 1/2 a lemon

2 oz Kern’s peach nectar (or muddled fresh peaches if you want to get fancy)

peach slice for garnish (optional)

Shake all ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice. Garnish with peach slice.

The verdict: This cocktail  was the universal favorite and it isn’t hard to see why. It’s simple to make and refreshing. It’s like a peachy, alcoholic Arnold Palmer. Several of my tasters went in for a second round of these, and I will most certainly be making them again come stone fruit season.

So there you have it folks, good TV does not necessarily make for good cocktails and vice versa. Look for our second round matchup next week: Glee vs. Freaks and GeeksYou can bet that my Glee-themed cocktail will be sweet and fruity. Happy mixing!

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